Sell us your vehicle, even leases

Sell Us Your Vehicle

At the Nice Car Company, we understand the value of premium vehicles in great condition, and we often pay up to $1,000 or more for them than other dealerships.

While some dealerships see an opportunity to undervalue a great low mileage car, we are accustomed to paying more for them, because these types of cars are our typical inventory. As specialists in buying and selling these cars, we will make you a fair offer on your vehicle based on our expertise of the market, and our offers are often more than you would find anywhere else.

We will look at any vehicle to purchase outright. If you are currently in a lease we can buy out your lease whether you buy from us or not. We are not limited to just low mileage vehicles. If it's a clean vehicle, we will evaluate it and give you a fair price.

Bring your premium vehicle to us, the high quality dealer. Call today to setup an appointment (888) 987-7788

We also want to buy out your lease (even early buyouts) and put extra cash in your pocket.


We also want to buy out your lease (even early buyouts) and purt extra cash in your pocket.