About the Nice Car Company

Indoor Showroom

We want our customers to be comfortable and our cars to be protected from the elements. That is why all of our cars are kept in our showroom. You don’t need to be worry about the hot summer or the cold winter, it is alway comfortable in our showroom. We do not want wind, snow, hail, or rain to damage any of our cars. Even if you bought a new car, it wouldn’t be in a showroom!

Low Mileage

We specialize in low mileage used cars. This allows our customers to get the most value. Cars lose an incredible amount of value as soon as it is driven off the lot. Nice Car Company takes advantage of these values and with our inspection they are almost as good as new. Many of our cars are under 15,000 miles. Low mileage vehicles are often still under manufacturer warranties until 50,000 miles or even 100,000 miles. Mileage is only part of the value equation, the other most important factor is how well the car is maintained. Our 100-point mechanical inspection will give you peace of mind. Carfax and inspections are crucial for any used car purchase.


We do not hide any information from our customers. All of our cars have Carfax available for free. Many used cars dealers try to hide any negative information; we provide it. Some used car dealers will make you pay for the Carfax even though they have it. They do this so it is not an even playing field. Are you going to spend hundreds of dollars to check multiple cars? No, they know this and use it as a tool to get you committed to a car. This will never happen at Nice Car Company.

No Pressure

Our mission is to have a pressure free environment for our customers. This is in stark contrast to how many other used car dealerships operate. Commissions and bonuses are what all other car dealerships use to push their sales people. We no longer have commissions and bonuses for our sales staff. This took away all of the incentive to be a pushy salesperson. We focus on the needs of our customer and NOT hitting sales goals. We have been in business for 35 years because we treat our customers right.

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