Frequently Asked Questions

Is buying a car or truck online really possible? And is it secure?

Buying a vehicle online is as easy as buying a TV on eBay... and you don't have to deal with a car salesman! We show you the used cars' 100-Point Inspection, images, video, retail value and our quality price. If you're not satisfied, we can make another search for you. Still, the decision to buy is always up to you. You can be confident in your information's security.

Can Nice Car Company really deliver any used vehicle I buy?

Yes. Whether you live in the lower peninsula, upper peninsula, Ohio or Indiana, we can deliver your vehicle to your home or office. We've worked with many insured shippers to make sure your car arrives in the same quality condition it leaves our dealership with.

How long does it take to get my gently used car or truck from Nice Car Company?

You can be driving your vehicle the same day you buy it. Credit approval can take up to 24 hours. If there is any lag between purchase and delivery, it's usually not more than a few days, depending on distances.

Is there a way that I can know "how much used car" I can afford to buy ahead of time?

Yes. It's a process called "pre-qualifying" for financing. It's just like pre-qualifying for a home loan. You apply for the general loan and the lender tells you how much they're willing to loan you on a used car or truck. This gives you real confidence when you shop and speeds delivery, too. Call, email, or submit your credit app online to get pre-qualified today.

There's a lot of personal information involved in buying a used car online. How can I be sure it remains confidential?

First, you have our word of honor that EVERYTHING you communicate to Nice Car Company is strictly confidential. We will disclose nothing to anyone, unless required to by law. What's more, ALL communication and transfer of personal information between you and Nice Car Company takes place over our special, high-security encrypted channel. It's virtually as safe as the protected channels used by the U.S. military.

Will I get a flood of "spam" e-mail after I buy a used car online?

No. At least not as a result of any e-mail address or other information that you've entrusted to us. Again, we DO NOT give, sell or market your personal information to anyone. Period.

What is "credit life"?

This is insurance that pays off your vehicle loan in the event of your death.

What is "disability insurance"?

This is insurance that will make your car payments in the event that you become sick or injured and cannot work.

What is "gap insurance"?

This is insurance that pays the negative difference ("gap") between what you owe on a vehicle and what your insurance company will pay you if that vehicle becomes a total loss due to an accident or other mishap.

What is "negative equity"?

This is a situation where you owe more on a vehicle than it is currently worth.

If I buy a used car through Nice Car Company, where do I take it for service?

It can be serviced at any matching factory authorized dealer in the U. S. or Canada... to honor your remaining factory warranty along with any Extended Service Plans. There should be no service problems at all.

What if I have a problem with Nice Car Company? Where do I turn?

We hope you'll never be in this position. But if you are, please e-mail or phone 888-987-7788. We'll do our level best to resolve the issue.

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