About the Nice Car Company

Buying a used car from Nice Car Company is an extraordinary experience. We specialize in selling the best high quality, low mileage, hand selected, first-rate used cars available in the country. Toledo's premier used car offers our guests a wide variety of over 100 vehicles. You can leisurely tour our abundant inventory in our two indoor, climate controlled, pristine and brightly lit showrooms.

There's zero pressure from our salespeople, they won't shadow you. They skillfully balance being aware of your need to explore the vehicles and being available to assist you. They strive to make your used vehicle shopping a positive experience.

David Lawrenz, owner of Nice Car Company, has developed a network of finding the best used cars. Dave will use his excellent reputation and his first-rate creditability to locate the used vehicle you are seeking.

Each vehicle undergoes a 100-point mechanical inspection by a certified service and repair technicians before it is displayed in our showroom. We provide an in-depth mechanical profile detailing each vehicle's mechanical evaluation and any repairs and updates we performed. This thorough process ensures that each vehicle meets our high standards of quality. A folder with copies of the current season's NADA Blue Book Value Report, warranty information, previous owner history, complete list of the vehicle's options, and the selling price awaits your inspection. You can take these reports home and review them at your leisure.

Nice Car Company is ready to take your used car order online, shop for a used auto from the comfort of your home or office. Each vehicle's profile, complete with its reports is posted online, find the used car that suits your needs and purchase the car online. Nice Car Company will delivery your used car to you anywhere in the continental US.

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