Sell Us Your Car

Nice car Company is always looking to buy very low mileage pre owned cars. If you have a very low mileage auto and need to sell it, the Nice Car Company will most likely pay you considerably more than most dealers. We have trade in and cash options. Many dealers may make this claim. If you are interested in getting the true top dollar for a very low mileage car, you may want to take it to a local dealership first then to the Nice Car Company. This way there will be no doubt at all that we will pay you the most money for your very low mileage car!

Bring your car with the title and in 30 minutes or less you will have a check that should be significantly larger than what a typical dealer would pay.

Contact us at (888) 987-7788 to let us know you will be coming in. We have a buyer in the dealership at all times and we will make sure the buyer is available if you call ahead. If you're coming around lunch time please be sure to notify us so that we are not at lunch when you arrive.

You can expect that you will meet with a kind person that in no way will attempt to devalue, degrade, or condemn you or your automobile. Typical car dealers act as if they are doing you a favor by looking at your car for sale. The experience has been described by most as degrading and demoralizing. This will never happen at the Nice Car Company.

Call Us Today to Schedule an Appointment (888) 987-7788