Clean Carfax

Before buying a used car, it is extremely important to know everything about the car’s history. For this reason, we include a free carfax report for all vehicles on our lot. Carfax reports include accident history, photos, expert reviews, features, safety concerns and more. Providing these reports for all vehicles give our customers the ability to be aware of everything about the history of the car, truck, or SUV they are considering.

Unlike almost all other used car dealerships, we strive to make sure that nearly every car on our lot has a clean Carfax report. We have also covered the cost of all carfax reports for all vehicles on our lot so there is no extra cost to you. You will have all the information that we have.

Many used car dealerships only provide the carfax reports for the vehicles they know have a clean and presentable report. Nice Car Company believes that each customer should have the complete history of their potential vehicle. The Nice Car Company operates on a strict full disclosure policy.