Knapp Chevrolet Buick

Checkout the competition, then buy from us.

Nice Car Company's used cars are displayed in a climate-controlled showroom, but Knapp Chevrolet Buick in Blissfield MI, does not have this feature. Whether it's raining, snowing or the sun is shining outside, inside Nice Car Company's brightly lit showrooms the cars are never exposed to the elements and neither will you be either. There's no other used car dealer in MI or OH that can be compared to the advantages found at Nice Car Company.

There's zero pressure from our salespeople, so you can take your time and leisurely enjoy exploring our first-rate used cars. Nice Car Company is a premier used car dealer. We specialize in selling the best high quality, low mileage, hand selected used cars available in the country.

Buying a used car at Nice Car Company is an awesome experience. Once you visit us, either online or at our showrooms, you won't go anywhere else. Because as Dave says, "average cars can be found anywhere."

Knapp Chevrolet Buick

11003 E. US Highway 223

Blissfield, MI 49228